About Bad Marketing

Chris Rogers Bad MarketingHi, I’m Chris Rogers. I’m a passionate marketer who curates stories of #badmarketing for marketing professionals and business owners like you – so you can learn from the mistakes of others, and produce better marketing that’s right first time.

This website is required reading for marketers, academics and students – and anyone interested in the challenges of marketing.

BadMarketing.co.uk is a fun, light-hearted collection of ‘bad marketing’ and ‘marketing fail’ stories that have some important lessons behind them.

I’m a well-qualified marketer based in the UK, with a career spanning 10+ years and a CIM Postgraduate Diploma. But the profession is evolving faster than ever.

New communication channels, disruptive business models and shifting consumer expectations are changing everything.

It’s partly down to the uncertainty this creates that we can find ourselves drawn to ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ who tell us that they have the answer – that we will get the results we want if we only follow their method or process or Master Plan.

But as compelling as these experts are, I’ve always been drawn to the stories of campaigns and tactics that didn’t go quite to plan.

The brand blunders. The PR fails. The new product disasters.

Not because I revel in other’s misfortune, but because I’m intrigued by how these mishaps happened and what I can learn from them.

Researching these stories of “marketing gone wrong” has helped me take a shortcut in my development. I’ve become aware of the traps, the pitfalls and the hazards that my peers have encountered – and most importantly, understood how to avoid them in my own work.

Far from seeking the “bad” being a negative experience, it’s helped me find out what “good” looks like.

It sounds cliché, but we do learn more from mistakes. By sharing some of the stories I’ve found here, I hope you fellow marketers or business owners can shorten your learning curve too. That you’ll see where to watch your step, and improve your own marketing – like I have done.

Chris Rogers