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Hi, I’m Chris Rogers. I’m a passionate marketer who curates stories of #badmarketing for marketing professionals and business owners like you – so you can learn from the mistakes of others – and produce better marketing that’s right first time.

Throughout my 15+ year career in marketing, I’ve been frustrated and annoyed by some of the ‘affectionate’ words and phrases thrown in the direction of my chosen career. The colouring in department. Who do the fluffy stuff. That make the PowerPoint slides look nice. And don’t do much else. But spend a lot of money doing it.

Because I know – as a highly qualified marketer with a lot of experience – what good marketing is, or can, be.

I get defensive. I want to stick up for us… as individuals, departments or the whole industry.

But yet – amongst the many, many examples of brilliant marketing – there are some absolute shockers. These are the stories that fuel the negative beliefs about all marketers. And that does the whole sector a disservice.

So I end up retreating.

My mission, therefore, is to help improve the reputation of marketing. Not by mocking, teasing or slagging off those that make the mistakes. But by recounting the stories that we can all learn from, distilling the lessons, and hopefully preventing them from happening again.

Plus one or two of them will be pretty funny!

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PS. I’m not immune from mistakes. They happen. I’ve spotted typos on my printed materials like the rest of us. I’m not saying I’m better than anyone. Anyone who knows me personally knows that’s not my style. I genuinely just want us all – myself included – to raise our standards, add real value to businesses, and finally rid the ‘colouring in team’ moniker. I’m hoping to learn something along the way, too.