Campaign: September 2014

Look before you tweet. That should go without saying, especially if you are running the social media account for a brand or business. A slip of an itchy Twitter finger caused some embarrassment for Nestle’s DiGiorno pizza brand, by accidentally associating itself with a conversation about domestic abuse.

#WhyIStayed was used by thousands of women to explain why they stayed in abusive relationships. DiGiorno, not understanding the context of the hashtag, tweeted “You had pizza”, appearing to make light of the subject.

It seems a genuine mistake, and the apologies were frequent, individual and real – but as the headline states, it’s a cautionary tale and a lesson to take heed from.

What does good look like?

Remember to always check the meaning and context of a hashtag. While it might be tempting to increase your views, favourites and retweets by getting involved with a trending hashtag, always thing twice about how appropriate it is, too. Ask a colleague to sense-check, if necessary.

Here are some more troubled Tweets in a previous article – and the lessons behind them.

Moving forward

What’s the moral of this Bad Marketing story for you? What should DiGiorno have done differently? Do you know any other ‘look before you tweet’ stories?

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